People are the key
Aperture Physics is a large network of talented writers, directors, camera, visual FX, production/post sound, locations, and crew. Our internal staff is geared up and experienced in the film industry. We also partner with equipment rental companies as well as talent agencies from across the globe to ensure your production comes in on-time and within budget, regardless of location.
We specialize in filling production gaps and consulting with the production managers on personnel/equipment for any on-set situation. We strive for story integrity and nuance, but also understand how a budget can be gobbled up by disorder and unpreparedness. Therefor, we take the time in pre-production to ensure that the rest of production goes smoothly, captures the vision, and makes efficient use of budget and time.
People make the electron go around!

Concept creation, scripting, doctoring, etc.

Production planning,

cast & crew, budget, etc.

On-set! Lights, camera, sound, etc.

Editing, VFX,

sound FX & music, etc.


Our professional screen writers and concept creators can help supplement and doctor, or take on the whole script from start to finish. The talented writing staff, along with our conceptual art professionals can develop a script and storyboard for any film idea.

Other writing services include copy, and marketing materials for the project to be used for promotional and marketing purposes. From creative concept to delivery and promo, our team can accommodate.

Writing on a Notebook


All film making requires meticulous planning to stay on time and within budget. Whether you need supplemental production personnel or need a team of set-hardened pros to do the heavy lifting of organizing a shoot, our production pros will be happy to oblige.

Services include budget detailing, payroll, cast and crew management, locations, and any other miscellaneous event management. An organized and efficient production team is absolutely necessary to achieving the vision on time and under budget.



On set and making a film! This is where the rubber hits the road. The cast is on-set and ready to lay down the chops. The crew is geared up and in position. The lights are bright and the buzz is high.


Everyone is working together to get the very best shots and sound. The keys are managing their squads independently, but working together on the big picture. This is the funnest and most exciting part of what we do. Let's do it tegether!

Film Production
Video Editing


Where the story gets told. In this phase of production many things can change, and new ideas can be implemented once all the media is organized and put into context with external assets like VFX and Sound Design elements.

We want to help you finalize and deliver a product that impacts and resonates with your audience. Great shots are great, but when you enhance them with great visuals and sound, the story becomes real.  Sometimes it can seem like you are so close, but so far. Let's work together to reach the epic final vision of your project.